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Can You Stomach Crow Pie ?

Crow Pie by PieRee is a song available on all major streaming services including Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal.

Crow Pie
Crow Pie by PieRee Album Cover Art

Crow Pie Song

Crow Pie is another melody that was born upon waking up before sunrise, and humming into my phone. The lyrics followed in March 2020 as we went to war with the invisible enemy. Shoutouts to Alex Rome for his electronic music masterclass, to JF Nolet for his teachings, and to Crab Lord for his vocal arrangements.

Crow Pie Album Cover Art

Imagine a pie with crows in it. Do I hear “crowronavirus” ?

Crow Pie Lyrics


Two kinds of pain you gotta choose between 

One is regrets and one is discipline 

Literally you can worry yourself sick

You used to turn for relief to a drink

Every thought becomes reality

Mindfully see the possibilities 

(Chorus I)

By letting go

You gain control

Trouble is away

Let it go

Gain control

Let it go

Throw trouble away

Throw trouble

Throw crow pie

(Bridge x 2)

I’m so grateful

In the morning

When you wake up

I whisper in your ear

That you are the most beautiful babe 

That you have the most beautiful face

I’m here

I will


Your fear 

Kickin’ trouble away

(Chorus II)

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