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Cheers to Us by PIEREE Celebrates America’s 243rd Birthday

Cheers to Us is PIEREE’s birthday present to America because America has always been so good to me.

In this video, I show the audio tracks of original composition Cheers to Us on Logic, my Digital Audio Workstation. I’m changing keys every section to add drama and tension to this already dramatic and tensed world. I had a blast creating this simple beat. I hope you enjoy it, too, as we celebrate Independence Day, and reflect on having more in common than we have differences. Cheers to us!

I categorize the song for distribution as Electronic with an Indie Dance / Nu Disco subgenre. If I were given the choice of a subtype to that subgenre, I would definitely pick Tensed Trans Trance Mellow Melodramatic Countronica. Why? Because it sounds fun, and because it best describes the feel in my opinion.

I have many people to thank for their inspiration. Among others, I’m grateful to America, Oprah, foreigners, YouTubers, parents, and children. Special thanks also go to Mom, Dad, Sis, Thomas Detnorske, Hot Sauce Derek, Goats, Hogs, Headhunters, Bullheads, JF Nolet, Pignose & McDrummer of Architectis Death Spiral, and Jimmy Poteat.

I’m an aspiring musician transposing melodies from my head onto music software. I enjoy exploring music theory, creating tracks, arranging, mixing, and sharing digital content. You help me out when you click the SUBSCRIBE  button below the YouTube video, when you click LIKE, and every time you stream or download my music on fancy schmancy services like Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, and Tidal.