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PieRee’s First Love for Music Was Born to Be Alive


Born to Be Alive Cover Art by PieRee
Patrick Hernandez released the smash hit Born to Be Alive in 1979. PieRee covers it 40 years later.
I fell in love with music in 1979, thanks to Patrick Hernandez’s Born to Be Alive. Born to a Spanish father and and Italian mother, the French singer was 30-years old when he released his disco hit. It first topped the charts for four months in France before peaking again in America and elsewhere. I reduced the tempo of the song to 124bpm to add variety. As a kid, I loved the song so much that I taught myself to sing the lower notes of Born to Be Alive by inhaling air. As you can guess, I got to cough a bit. And the resulting sung phrase is a mix of creepiness and Chewbacca sounds. The cover art comes from a 2019 New Brunswick trip where I spotted a mint resting on a picnic table, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. An ant climbed on top of the candy piece, you may say because she was born to be alive. I snapped a shot, and retraced the image in Adobe Illustrator. My 2019 cover is available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, and Tidal.