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Totally Yoga Is Totally “Aboot” Hot Yoga Practice

Totally Yoga
Totally Yoga is entirely “aboot” yoga practice on the mat of a heated yoga studio.

Goal Achievement of 10 Songs

Thank you all for your support and encouragement through this music learning process! My goal for the Summer was to have released an album’s worth of pieces i.e. ten (10) songs. Totally Yoga is the original composition that seals the deal… Yay! But as we know, the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know about the musical universe. 

Totally Yoga features sweet minor 7th chords (they sound as smooth as creamy maple syrup cold press coffee to me) and some of the yoga mantras I’ve experienced in my St. Louis Park, Minnesota classes. As a result, streaming services categorize the song as Electronic / Exercise. I’m pleased with the “Polar-Vortex-Has-Temporarily-Moved-to-Minneapolis” bass line.

Cover Art

I used my 2019 sunset shot of Chaleur Bay in Caraquet, New Brunswick for the cover art. If you like seafood before and after yoga like I do, you may be tempted by Caraquet’s lobster club with a poutine side (always “poutine” your fries for taste, and overall life enjoyment), lobster poutine as a main dish, or lobster rolls rolled over more poutine. Interestingly, a caring friend told me that sanskrit for poutine is “ahimsa gimmisamah”. I s’ppose, right!? Also, it’s true that sometimes, poutine is like music theory, and gets a tad messy. But there’s always a mañana for lifelong learners, as we say on La Calle Lake Street of the Twin Cities. 

Lobster Club served with a side of poutine.
This Acadian lobster club served with a side of poutine is forever one with me.

Totally Yoga by PIEREE Lyrics

This is practice

Totally totally totally yoga

Every deep breath follows a move

Downward dog

Sun salute

Forget about the heat

Flow with the flow

Your very own practice

Totally totally totally yoga

Every deep breath down with the groove

Inhale now

Push air “oot”   

Everything is temporary

Purposely flow

Lovely practice

Totally totally totally yoga

Love the instructors as much as I do

Mountain still

Flowing sea

See how the now feels

Savor this pose

Be, and breathe

Vis, respire (French for live, breathe)

It’s a practice

It’s totally totally totally yoga

Every deep breath follows a move

On the mat

Let it all “oot”

You can do anything

Reach your goals

Streaming Services

Totally Yoga by PieRee is available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, or Tidal.