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Tripods by Al Houde 6-Video Series

Tripods (1 of 6) by Al Houde.

6/6 Confusion. Was this just a trance? Farewell to the existence that is vanishing away. The tripods might have gone too far.

5/6 Enchanté! The exploration has just begun, the new be is pleased to meet other fellow Tripods.

4/6 These Tripods have won the jackpot, assuming that their migration trance has finally ended.

3/6 Trance, trance, trance as you want until the swing brings you back to the collision point.

2/6 These Tripods are fully consumed by the rhythm of their wonderful and innocent existence unaware of the imminent transformation.

1/6 Welcome to the Tripods’ trance! Une trance tripodique! These are just about to hit the jackpot.

Visual Artist Al Houde and Multimedia Designer PIEREE collaborate on this series of six microvideos displaying Al Houde’s tripod creatures exploring the universe in a trance with excerpts from PIEREE’s Tripode commissioned music.

The commissioned Tripode Song by PIEREE is available on Spotify and on YouTube.

Al Houde compares himself to a montage of cardboard boxes. “Je suis semblable à un assemblage de boîtes de carton.”

Al Houde holds one of his tripod creations.
Artist Al Houde creates Tripods. (photography by P.-A. Baril)